Driven by 100% fascination - Welcome to the specialist for Formula 1- and racingsimulators

No doubt: racecars fascinate almost everybody. Alone the sight of HP-rich race- or Formula 1 car makes jaws drop to the ground. Since the beginning it was crystal clear to us: “there has to be more than just looking”. Taking a seat inside such a car and actually experiencing thrilling races by oneself, that would be the jewel in the crown of this fascination.

A fascination which drives our strive for perfection here at BESTSIM, every single day anew. Who once experienced one of our stunning racingsimulators will feel start to feel the same fascination – guaranteed. So it’s no surprise that genuine BESTSIM-Racingsimulators are THE attraction on any convention, staffevent, promotion campaign & road-show. Today BESTSIM is THE partner for you, when it comes to high-class racingsimulators – worldwide.

Spectacular racingsimulators – worldwide unique

The production and manufacturing process of BESTSIM-Racingsimulators is completely carried out by our own engineers, as well as the permanently ongoing advancement to match a growing demand and push our standards even higher. High efforts and an intense development result in our genuine showcars and a drive-feeling in a class of its own.

As for instance our current flagship: The Full Motion F1-Simulator. You will not find another F1-Simulator which is mounted on a 6-axis motion base, capable of creating acceleration forces of up to 3G and as spectacular as this one – anywhere in the world! This applies on other highlights from the house of BESTSIM as well.

These unique racingsimulators are only available at BESTSIM:


Our guarantee to you

By picking BESTSIM you make the right choice. As specialist in the field of manufacturing, selling and renting high-quality F1 – and racingsimulators we offer years of experience in logistics, planning & realization of motorsportevents. We guarantee:

  • a highly professional realization of your projects
  • highest reliability & quality
  • courteous and professional service
  • full service including setup, dismantle, transportation & support
  • enormous attention by visitors and media
  • attractive rentingconditions

Attractive rentingconditions? – Yes, guaranteed!

The rentingconditions of our simulators are specifically calculated to be customerfriendly. Even as a small company with a limited budget you can take advantage of BESTSIM-Racingsimulators and our service.

You don’t believe this? – Request your offer now!