“State of the art” – technology for your visitors excitement.

  • genuine Formula 1 chassis with integrated bodyshaker for an authentic racefeeling
  • huge 50” creen for stunning visuals in full HD resolution
  • realistic surround racingsound
  • most modern force feedback technology
  • 1:1 conversion of actual Formula 1 racetracks
  • competitionmode for companies and teams
  • outdoorcapable (tent/pavilion)

Rent your genuine Formula 1 showcar including a thrilling racingexperience now ! – Contact us!
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Use the advantages of a Formula 1 simulator for your convention or promotion event.

  • a crowded convention stand – guaranteed
  • draw the attention of your visitors and make them extend their stay at your stand
  • leave an impression and easily start conversations with potential customers
  • create an emotional bond between visitors and your brand
  • gain customer data via hosting competitions
  • full service incl. setup, dismantle, transportation & support
  • guaranteed: attractive renting conditions

Our everytime HIGHLIGHT! Formula simulator 1:1