pkw simulator


Most modern simulationtechnics for fascinating moments – astonishment and fun included. 

  • huge 50” high definition screen for pin sharp visuals
  • all new racingsoftware offers thrilling realism
  • powerful racingsound for “the” additional kick
  • quick setup, installed in any car within 30 minutes
  • brandable software, your logo on advertisementspaces inside the simulation
  • make sure your guests remember you, award certificates with your logo to participating visitors
  • outdoorcapable (tent)

An unforgettable experience with YOUR cars ! Want to go on a testdrive? Call us now!

HOTLINE: +49 3876 3000 81


The streetcar simulator – carpresentations raised to the next level.

  • make your visitors remember the new models – your cars turns into a full grown simulator within minutes
  • virtual testdrives with lots of fun and action
  • customers experience your cars without moving them
  • gain customer data via hosting contests
  • full service incl. setup, dismantle, transportation & support
  • create an emotional bond to your customers for a guaranteed low price

Perfect for car dealers, automobile presentations, exhibitions & open events.